Overnight Up the Shore

I’m fortunate enough to live in Duluth, MN which gives me the opportunity for amazing weekend getaways right in my back yard. The other weekend we decided to head up the shore for some hiking, camping and of course craft beer! Our main point of interest was Eagle Mountain; the highest point in Minnesota. This trip was especially exciting because it was our first camping trip of the season. For those who live in a northern climate waiting for camping season can feel like it takes forever. We headed out early in the morning and enjoyed the drive along the shores of Lake Superior. The dirt roads that led to the trailhead parking lot were long and at one point we thought we missed our turn. We arrived at the trailhead about noon and it was a beautiful sunny spring day. The Eagle Mountain Trail is part of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness so a permit is required but there is kiosk at the trailhead where you are able to fill out the proper permit. 18425450_10155317064753829_4143699762775820506_nThe trail starts off fairly easy through beautiful pines. About two miles into the hike you come across this beautiful clear blue lake, Whale Lake. 18485422_10155317064578829_13281140910693826_nThe trail continues around to the other side of the lake where there is a split; this is where the hike gets more difficult. The last half mile or so is a steep climb up to the top of Eagle Mountain. It is tough but it is so worth it! Once at the top you get an amazing view of the BWCAW and all it’s expansive beauty. 18447317_10155317064658829_6444181606361668585_nThe marker for the actual highest point can be found by following the rock pillars (cairns) a little further up the summit. 18447040_10155317064673829_8682911775571021984_nWe hung out at the top for awhile and ate lunch. Then we began our hike back. The total distance is just over 7 miles and completely worth it.18485682_10155317064668829_251630357244707951_n After the hike we headed into the town of Grand Marais, MN. This is a quaint little town right on Lake Superior. Whenever we are in Grand Marais we always stop at Voyageur Brewing. Today we earned a couple beers and a snack. When we arrived there was a great bluegrass playing music. I started off with the Trailbreaker Belgian Wheat; it was delicious! We generally always order the Thai Chicken Tacos which is a great treat after a long hike and paired perfectly with the beer.

We got a couple growlers to go and headed to our campsite. We stayed at Judge C.R. Magney state campground for the night. This is a great state park and campground.


Overall, it was a great overnight trip up the shore!




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